Nicolas Cage Considering Role in New Star Trek Movie


Nicolas Cage, the American actor, has recently revealed that he has received calls to star in the Star Trek franchise. During an interview at the Saturn Awards gala, where he won the trophy for best supporting actor, Cage mentioned that he would have to see a script and ensure that he can add his own flavor to the role before committing to it.

He expressed his love for the franchise and his desire to be on the Enterprise, stating, “I wouldn’t want to do just anything, because I have a lot of love for the franchise. I want to be on the Enterprise. Ideally, I’d have to be on the Enterprise somehow. I don’t want to be floating in space like a satellite!”

While the idea of Nicolas Cage commanding the USS Enterprise may seem unexpected, it has piqued the interest of many. It would be fascinating to see how the actor performs in a scenario that is different from his usual roles.

The Star Trek franchise has been relatively quiet on the big screen since the release of its last film in 2016, Star Trek Beyond. With the fourth installment still on hiatus and no major developments on the prequel film, it could be the perfect time to introduce Cage into the mix.

Cage’s potential involvement in the franchise has generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among fans. It remains to be seen whether he will ultimately join the iconic science fiction series.

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