New Splatoon 3 DLC: Is 3 Hours Enough?


I hope to see more original creations from Nintendo. One of the most successful properties from the company is Splatoon, thanks to its addictive multiplayer and unique design. The recent release of Splatoon 3 has surprised fans with its innovative approach and unexpected genre of rogue-likes.

Splatoon 3 introduces a captivating rogue-like gameplay where players, as Agent 8, climb a tower to defeat a villain in a faded Cromopolis. With each floor climbed, players gain upgrades and enhancements, making progression a key aspect of the game. The risk-reward dynamic is evident with a choice of challenge alternatives that offer varied difficulty levels.

The game offers over 30 levels, each presenting a different challenge. The mechanics are designed to provide an addictive and rewarding experience, with opportunities to upgrade skills, collect pearls, and face several bosses throughout the game. The soundtrack also adds to the dynamism and excitement of the gameplay.

The rogue-like elements of Splatoon 3 add depth and replayability to the game. The unexpected fusion of this genre with the mechanics of Splatoon has yielded a unique and captivating experience. Players can expect to explore procedurally generated levels and encounter varying challenges. The game’s release in February 2022 has sparked anticipation and excitement among fans.

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