New Official Rock, Paper, Scissors in Pokémon Scarlet/Purple


The Pokémon community has always found creative ways to enjoy the video games, whether through self-imposed challenges, collection quests, or competitive battles. Now, a new way of playing has emerged with the release of the second half of the expansion of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

The new movement called Palma Rauda has given rise to a game of rock, paper, scissors within the Pokémon world. The three moves – Ultrapuño, Palma Iron, and True Fist – form a triangle of basic weaknesses, similar to the rock, paper, and scissors style. Players are using this concept to engage in battles with teams full of Hitmonchan or Monferno, adding an interesting dynamic to the game.

It’s ironic that this new game follows a rock, paper, scissors style, as the Pokémon combat system is itself based on a similar concept. The basic weaknesses of plant, water, and fire form a triangle similar to rock, paper, and scissors, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game.

Despite the simplicity of the format, the balance between risk and reward and the power of the moves make these battles more interesting than they initially seem. Similar to the past “Metronome Battles,” in which players could only use a random attack, this new concept may also spark interesting strategies and gameplay in the Pokémon community.

This new way of playing Pokémon is an interesting addition to the franchise, adding a new layer of complexity to the battles. It will be intriguing to see how this concept evolves and whether it becomes a lasting trend within the community.

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