New Game Confirmed: Resident Evil 5 Remake or Code Veronica?


Almost a year after the release of Resident Evil 4 Remake, Capcom maintains silence around the franchise and intensifies the mystery about what his next video game will be. A remake or a continuation from Village? It is very interesting to ramble, reflect and debate, but any slightest clue is more than enough to talk about what the Japanese company would be preparing.

In the last few hours Wesker’s voice actor has responded to a post on Twitter where he answers the following question: “What is your most anticipated PlayStation game right now?”, to which Craig Burnatowski says with a brief and forceful: “The one I’m working on”. Without mentioning the Resident Evil saga and taking into account the end of the fourth installment, it seems evident that said actor continues working on the sequel or, failing that, in a spin-off.

Months ago Capcom confirmed the obvious with Resident Evil, as there are more remakes underway. However, the most likely thing on the table is that Resident Evil 5 Remake is being worked on, where Wesker is the main antagonist or Resident Evil: Code Veronica, which plays a fundamental role. Both highly desired by the community, but we will have to continue waiting to receive official confirmation from its developers.

Capcom would be preparing up to 5 Resident Evil games. According to information from Dusk Golem, a reliable Capcom insider, the company would be busy in 5 video games from the horror franchise including Resident Evil 9, which he said will have the largest budget in the saga and that its launch would be in 2025. One could speculate that Resident Evil 5 Remake is also in development, since some clues found in Resident Evil 4 Remake would have given the answer. In addition to Code Veronica, the community also expects a reimagining of RE0 and the original Resident Evil.

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