New Fast & Furious Script Takes Saga in New Direction


The Vin Diesel saga is at a turning point at Universal after the costs of the tenth installment skyrocketed.

Rumors are intensifying around the Fast & Furious saga and its future. Before the tenth movie was released, the roadmap seemed clear, to end the main story in an eleventh installment – perhaps twelve, according to Vin Diesel – and move on to the spin-off territory.

The problem is that Fast & Furious X had a production budget of 340 million dollars, some of which derives from the departure of its original director, Justin Lin, in the early stages of filming.

We recently told you that Universal wants something simpler and more economical for the farewell of the main Fast & Furious saga; something that returns to the original formula of the franchise.

This implies significant changes in the final movie, including the potential departure of its villain, Dante Reyes, played by Jason Momoa, who would go to the ongoing spin-off of Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), while Toretto and his “family” find another enemy to pick on.

What’s going to happen with Fast & Furious?

The thing is that, according to Comicbook, Universal has a new script for the saga on their hands, written by Zach Dean, who already participated in the tenth installment. However, it is supposed that the eleventh movie will be written by Christina Hodson and Oren Uziel.

This opens two possibilities, that Dean’s script is for the new Luke Hobbs spin-off, which is assumed to have received priority at Universal Pictures and where the Dante Reyes storyline will be resolved, or that it is a completely new movie of which, of course, we know nothing about.

Fast & Furious has changed a lot since its origins, when it focused on street racing in Los Angeles and the crimes were on a much smaller scale. Little by little, the franchise has become a high-flying action saga, and the “flying” part is more literal than it seems.

We will have to wait for Universal to decide how Dominic Toretto and his “family” will bid farewell to the fans who have accompanied them for more than two decades. Do you think Fast & Furious will do well to return to the original format?

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