New AI Game by Gollum’s Creators Launches on Steam Today


Daedalic Entertainment has launched a new management game supported by artificial intelligence on PC. After the setback with Gollum, the company has come back with New Cycle. This game, while entirely different from the Lord of the Rings game, promises to be a game that mixes construction, management, and moral dualities in the style of Frostpunk.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, New Cycle challenges players to reconstruct civilization after solar flares have destroyed technology and the way of life. Players must make tough decisions regarding the well-being and survival of their town, all while dealing with extreme weather conditions.

The game not only includes the basics of the genre, such as resource collection and building construction, but also incorporates challenges related to environmental conditions, resource scarcity, and the morale of the workers. New Cycle offers depth with the option to play in free or grid mode, a variety of technologies to be investigated, and the need to maintain the happiness of citizens.

However, New Cycle also has its drawbacks, such as inconsistent rhythm and design decisions that can be somewhat uncomfortable. It also incorporates artificial intelligence to shape in-game events, which can be both a positive and negative aspect of the game.

Despite its drawbacks, New Cycle has an accessible interface and difficulty levels, making it a game that is worth following closely during its early access on Steam.

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