Netflix’s City Hunter: 2024’s New Action-Packed Series


Netflix is expanding its content with the addition of Tsukasa Hojo’s successful work, City Hunter, to its release schedule. Following the success of One Piece and the positive reception of Yu Yu Hakusho, the Japanese subsidiary of the American company has unveiled a preview of the long-awaited adaptation of the 80s manga.

Unlike previous live-action adaptations, City Hunter will bring back the legendary characters from the original work but will transfer private detective Ryo Saeba to the present day. The film is set to premiere on April 25, aiming to attract a younger audience to a work that made a significant impact in the Japanese 80s. The setting will center around the Shinjuku district, where most of the events of the Yakuza saga take place.

City Hunter follows the story of Ryo Saeba, a private detective known for being the best gunfighter in the area. He faces a variety of criminals while protecting Kaori, the sister of a colleague who was murdered during an investigation.

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