Netflix’s Avatar: Character Reimagined to Combat Sexism


Netflix will launch a new live-action adaptation in February after the success of One Piece and Yu Yu Hakusho: Avatar the last Airbender. The work, inspired by the successful Nickelodeon animated series, will bring back a variety of characters, although it seems that there will be one in particular that will undergo changes from its original version: Sokka.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ian Ousley, the actor who will play Sokka in the live-action from Netflix, talked about the differences between her live-action character and that of the animated series, highlighting the elimination of the sexist approach to replace it with an even more humorous touch.

“I feel like we also removed the element of how sexist Sokka was. I think there were a lot of moments in the original series that were very iffy. “There are things that were redirected simply because they might work a little differently in a live-action series.”

Although it is true that Sokka’s sexist attitudes were marked in the original series and could be uncomfortable, the reality is different. These attitudes were part of a character’s own personal arc from which he redeems himself, since throughout the original series he is reproached for these comments until he reconsiders certain of his own ideas about sexism.

But it will not be the only thing changed that we will see in the series: its showrunner assured a few weeks ago that the story will have some differences with respect to the original material, although everything indicates that it will maintain a similar approach to that of One Piece. Avatar the last Airbender It is scheduled to premiere on February 22, 2024.

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