Neon Blood: Welcome to Viridis – First Trailer Released


Check out the first Neon Blood trailer, focused on the gameplay of the title and the graphic aspect that is present throughout its pixel art.

Neon Blood leaves us with a curious first trailer for PC, Steam Deck, PS4, and PS5, with gameplay that offers various improvements; later, we will see the same in Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

This is accompanied by several spectacular scenes animated by the fantastic team of Sunshine, known for working on several of the main titles of the sector in recent years; both in trailers and animations.

Neon Blood will be present in the Steam Chinese New Year Sale thanks to Astrolabe, a publisher with a strong presence in Asia and America that already collaborated with Meridiem Games for the release of The Many Pieces of Mr. Coo.

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Neon Blood is a JRPG mixed with Graphic Adventure and immersed in a 2.5D aesthetic, based on the use of 2D sprites in PixelArt with environments modelled in 3D. The game is developed by ChaoticBrain Studios and published by Meridiem Games.

It will arrive soon in digital format thanks to the Spanish publisher to the digital stores of consoles and PC. You can already add it to your wishlist on PlayStation Store and Steam.

But very soon it will also be available to add to your wishlist on the Nintendo eShop and Microsoft’s Xbox Store.

What is Neon Blood?

Year 2053, after the Third World War, humanity was reduced to a single macropolis, Viridis, formed by two cities, the luxurious Bright City and the dystopian Blind City.

Axel McCoin, a detective from Blind City, will be motivated by his ideals to rebel against the injustices caused by the drastic class difference between the two cities that exist in the dystopian society they inhabit, becoming a symbol of revolution.

In his adventure, Axel will meet powerful allies who will help him in his purpose, as well as enemies who will stand in his way, such as Ruby Emerald, who will do everything possible to thwart Axel’s plans.

Neon Blood has an elaborate and deep cyberpunk-themed story that serves as a thread to tell the story of Axel, which is marked by the relationships he will forge throughout his adventure.

The game uses 2.5D and maintains an aesthetic differentiation between the flat characters and the environment with depth. Each is marked and contrasted alongside a more futuristic aesthetic marked by Sci-Fi.

This has been the first Neon Blood trailer: Welcome to Viridis on PlayStation and Steam, but soon it will be on Xbox and Switch.

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