NBA Infinite Review: Deep & Accessible Sim for Mobile


Get ready to experience the thrill of the court like never before with the introduction of NBA Infinite, the newest mobile basketball simulator designed for both iOS and Android users. With an officially licensed partnership with the NBA, this game aims to become the go-to choice for basketball gaming enthusiasts who enjoy playing on the go. We had the opportunity to attend the grand unveiling of NBA Infinite in Paris and even managed to shoot some hoops and play defense, because let’s face it, basketball isn’t just about scoring points. Though we noticed a few areas that could use some polishing, we walked away quite content with how NBA Infinite brings the sports simulator experience to our mobile devices.

NBA Infinite is set to push the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from mobile basketball games. This isn’t just another arcade-style game limited to 1-on-1 or 3-on-3 matches that lean towards spectacle; it also offers a more traditional 5-on-5 gameplay. Spending just over an hour on the court, we were genuinely amazed by how deep the game can go into typical basketball maneuvers on both offense and defense. Players can execute moves like a step back, call for a direct screen, attempt steals, or go for blocks. It has to be said that the control scheme does take a little getting used to. In addition to the familiar joystick touch control, there’s a considerable number of actions that pop up on the right side of the screen, meaning that mastering this game will surely require some dedication and practice.

At the heart of NBA Infinite is the classic player collecting mode similar to what we’ve seen in EA Sports FC 24’s UT or NBA 2K24’s My Team mode. However, the developers at Lightspeed Studios promise a model that’s friendlier to gamers. It’s not just about collecting the players, who can be obtained without dropping any real cash, but also about enhancing and leveling them up. One of the standout features of NBA Infinite is the impressive recreation of player models along with technical prowess that surpasses expectations for a mobile game.

When it comes to content, NBA Infinite doesn’t shy away. Packed full of challenges and modes, it offers up plenty of opportunities for competitive play or some solo fun, including a three-point contest that’s perfect for quick gaming sessions. While we acknowledge that there’s always room for growth, and it remains to be seen just how “friendly” the business model will be in the long run, NBA Infinite has certainly left us with a good first impression.

Mark your calendars, basketball fans. NBA Infinite is scheduled to hit the mobile scene on February 17, and it will be available on both iOS and Android devices. Whether you’re looking to take your basketball dreams to the next level while on the move, or you’re simply a fan of the sport looking for a new way to engage, NBA Infinite aims to offer an immersive and accessible experience for all.

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