Naruto vs. Sasuke Cursed Seal: Two Dynamic Banpresto Figures


Welcome to the amazing world of “Naruto” manganime, the realm where shonen manga takes shape through the classic hero’s journey. The protagonists of Masashi Kishimoto’s epic saga, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, step into the limelight, embodying the dynamic duo who teeter between the bonds of friendship and intense rivalry. Sasuke treads a shadowy path, creating a stark contrast to the valorous ninja of Konoha, Naruto.

In celebration of the anime’s 20th anniversary, fans can dive deeper into the essence of these two compelling characters with a series of remarkable figures created in their honor. Banpresto, a brand known for their devotion to high-quality manganime collectibles, has unveiled these keepsakes on their official website, along with an array of other captivating products.

Let’s zoom into the details with the first protagonist, Naruto Uzumaki. The figure represents Naruto in the ‘Shippuden’ story arc, standing at a dynamic 14 centimeters tall. Meticulously crafted from premium PVC, the figure captures the essence of a more mature Naruto in the midst of an aerial kick. Every inch of this collectible is a testament to the care and precision of Banpresto’s artists, boasting a remarkable degree of detail, especially visible in Naruto’s adult features, which have evolved from his younger days.

Naruto’s iconic attire comes to life in the sculpt, with his classic jacket flaring open over his black undershirt, revealing the movement inherent in his agile form. The detailing continues down to his signature orange pants and shinobi sandals, complemented by the renowned headband of Konoha Village. The figure, known as Naruto Uzumaki IV Naruto Shippuden – Vibration Stars, is a celebration of texture and paint application that will thrill many devoted enthusiasts.

Sasuke Uchiha, on the other hand, commands equal attention. His figure, Sasuke Uchiha II Naruto – Vibration Stars, stands at 13 centimeters tall and is also composed of the same high-quality PVC. It depicts Sasuke in the harrowing throes of the Cursed Seal Phase II, a compelling transformation that originated from the dark machinations of Orochimaru. This cursed seal granted Sasuke formidable strength and speed, but at the cost of his humanity. The seal’s second phase conferred upon Sasuke a terrifying visage that could instill fear in the heart of any adversary with a mere glance.

Sporting new physical traits like skin markings, elongated canines, talon-like claws, and a mane of hair reminiscent of Dragon Ball’s Super Saiyan 3, this representation of Sasuke is alarmingly monstrous. His battle with his brother, Itachi, becomes the pivotal moment leading to his release from this consuming power.

The Sasuke figure perfectly captures the fearsome yet overwhelming state of the Cursed Seal Phase II. From the classic wardrobe to the menacing, cursed gaze, Sasuke’s hair-swept-back look and clawed extremities are flawlessly rendered. Placed side by side, the Sasuke and Naruto figures resonate, both in size and dynamic postures, complementing each other superbly.

For those gripped by the allure of these manganime characters and eager to explore more, Banpresto offers a treasure trove of such collectibles. Whether you are decorating your shelf or just want to celebrate the epic story of Naruto and Sasuke, these figures are keepsakes that no Naruto aficionado should be without. Savour the craftsmanship and the potent spirit of the Naruto manganime, immortalized in these tangible tributes by Banpresto.

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