Naomi Watts’ First Look in Canceled Game of Thrones Prequel


Naomi Watts Was Going to Star in “Bloodmoon” Spin-Off as Prequel to Game of Thrones

There was a time when Game of Thrones was going to have a prequel for HBO Max starring Naomi Watts that would have been called Bloodmoon, but that spin-off was forgotten and ended up being devoured by House of the Dragon. Today we go back to Bloodmoon, today we go back to what could have been and wasn’t.

Bloodmoon began filming its pilot episode in 2019, but HBO Max scrapped the series. Now, four years later, the hair and makeup designer who worked on the series, Flora Moody, shares some unreleased images from that spin-off that never saw the light of day.

Naomi Watts led the cast of the prequel, although her role in it was still unclear. Her character had been described as “a charismatic socialite who hides a dark secret.”

Flora Moody shares in her images from Game of Thrones: Bloodmoon “from personal makeup and hair truck tests to full wardrobe, props, and lighting camera tests.”

“This is an opportunity to play with form, wig proportion. See how the makeup reads on film,” writes Flora Moody in her post. “Working together to find the character that represents the director’s vision. Collaboration is KEY!”

What Was Going to Be the Plot of Game of Thrones: Bloodmoon?

The prequel to Game of Thrones would have taken place 5,000 years before the events of the HBO Max flagship series, set in the Age of Heroes.

Its story would have focused on the Children of the Forest, inhabitants of Westeros before the arrival of the First Men, and would have explained the origin of the White Walkers. Unfortunately, from this spin-off of Game of Thrones discarded by HBO Max we only have a poorly photographed logo, and these new images of Naomi Watts.

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