Must-Have Nintendo Switch Accessories for Christmas


Christmas is always considered by video game companies as one of the most important times of the year. Not for nothing, both the months of November and December are full of offers on consoles from different brands. This makes it very likely that some of us have released a new console in recent weeks. In the event that that console is from Nintendo, below we show you a selection of five essential Switch accessories if you have been given a Nintendo Switch this Christmas.

Tarjeta microSD SanDisk 256 GB

Storage has become one of the most controversial elements on any gaming platform in recent years. The technical advancement of games has caused them to take up more and more space, and it is something that has also ended up affecting Nintendo Switch. Therefore, getting a microSD card like this SanDisk the 256 GB has become practically essential. Thanks to its speed of up to 100 MB/s, we will have the same performance as if we installed the games on the console itself. Now we can find it for 29.90 euros on Amazon.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The gaming experience we have in our games is a fundamental aspect. For that reason, having a good controller is practically an obligation, and the best that the Nintendo console has available is its own. Switch Pro Controller. This device includes all the functionalities that we can find in the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, but betting on a traditional gaming experience that is essential if we play through television. We can find it on Amazon for 64.99 euros.

ivoler travel bag

One of the main advantages that Nintendo Switch offers over the rest of the competitors in the desktop market is the ease with which we can transport it. Carrying the console with us is really simple, as long as we have a travel bag like this one from ivoler. In this specific case, we will not only be able to transport the console and the dock, but also all the accessories that we have such as the pro controller, extra joy-con or up to 18 games. Its price on Amazon is 21.56 euros.

Extreme battery

All portable consoles usually have the problem that their autonomy is not usually particularly high, although in the case of Nintendo Switch we find quite positive figures. However, if you plan to take a long trip or spend many hours away from home, an external battery is essential. In this case, we do not find this NEWDERY external batterywhich has a case format that we can connect to the console and add extra 10,000 mAh. It is fully compatible with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED, and allows us to carry up to two more games. Its price on Amazon is 44.23 euros.

Additional Joy-Con

Finally, Nintendo Switch is one of the consoles with the largest catalog for playing with friends. For those cases, it is essential that we have enough controllers at home so that we can enjoy a night of entertainment together. Therefore, get hold of an extra Joy-Con pack It is necessary, and what better way to do it than with the new purple and pastel green models that Nintendo recently launched on the market. On Amazon its price is 74.99 euros.

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