Milly Alcock Cast as DCEU’s New Supergirl


Exciting news for fans of the DC Extended Universe—the creative minds behind the superhero franchise have chosen a new face for Supergirl! Milly Alcock, known for her portrayal of the young Rhaenyra Targaryen in ‘House of the Dragon’, the hit prequel to ‘Game of Thrones’, is set to soar as Kara Zor-El. While it is still a mystery whether Supergirl will make her debut in the upcoming ‘Superman Legacy’ film, it’s certain that we will see her in action in the DCEU before she ventures into her very own standalone film, ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’.

The announcement was confirmed by none other than James Gunn himself—director extraordinaire known for the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ series and ‘Suicide Squad’. Taking to social media, he responded to the report by Deadline with enthusiasm, stating, “This is true” and extending a warm welcome to Milly Alcock into the DCEU family. But that’s about as much as he revealed, leaving the specifics of her role shrouded in mystery for now.

The winds of change are blowing through the DCEU, with James Gunn and Peter Safran now at the helm for what promises to be an exhilarating new chapter. 2023 has already brought about the gradual curtain call for what has been familiarly known as the Snyderverse, marked by the release of final installments such as ‘Black Adam’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Blue Beetle’, and ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’.

Supergirl is certainly no stranger to fans; she’s been a constant presence over the years. The hit TV series ‘Supergirl’, part of the Arrowverse, saw Melissa Benoist donning the cape and protector of National City. In the cinema, the character had a brief twirl with Sasha Calle taking on the role in ‘The Flash’ movie featuring Ezra Miller.

And the DCEU continues to move forward, as ‘Superman Legacy’ is slated to begin production next March. Gunn is hopeful that the film will grace our screens by 2025. This film is only the beginning of the journey for the much-anticipated new chapter of DC lore. With Milly Alcock bringing fresh energy to the role of Supergirl, we can look forward to an incredible galactic adventure that adds a dynamic new heroine to the ranks of the DCEU.

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