Microsoft’s space RPG set to launch on Sony console – Updated


Update 11:44 p.m.: From The Verge, they have also contacted a source close to Microsoft and have learned that Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is being considered as another game to be launched on PS5. Its landing would be a few months after it lands on Xbox Series and PC, since the MachineGames title is scheduled for December 2024, according to published information.

It is well known that the strategy of Microsoft Looking to the future is to open the doors of the ecosystem Xbox, even deploying some of its exclusive titles on other systems. The arrival of Hi-Fi Rush to Nintendo Switch and PS5 seems imminent and Starfield’s turn can be seen on the horizon.

At least that is the information they have revealed from XboxEra. The media reports that it has maintained contact with anonymous sources related to the company’s plans and everything indicates that the space RPG will land on the Sony console. Furthermore, Microsoft aims to make it happen after the launch of the big DLC ​​that Bethesda is cooking up.

Shattered Space is the name of the expansion that has already been announced for Xbox Series Starfield to be playable on PS5 and that is why it has made a strong investment to acquire development kits for the Japanese platform.

On the other hand, the people consulted by the publication reveal that the internal debate at Microsoft about exclusivity has been really tense. Initially, Sarah Bond, current president of Xbox, assured that Starfield was purely exclusive, so that statement would no longer be valid. The brand’s top leaders have deliberated on the pros and cons of launching proprietary software beyond their home turf, and while not everyone agrees, the key argument has been economic.

And Microsoft values ​​the potential money they would earn by expanding boundaries and launching their most powerful games on other consoles. So much so that from the middle they collect that Hi-Fi Rush will arrive on rival platforms in the first quarter of 2024 and it is very likely that the company will make a public announcement this month about the strategy they have adopted.

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