Microsoft’s Response to FTC over Activision Blizzard Layoffs


The fight between Microsoft and the FTC (US Federal Trade Commission) over the purchase of Activision Blizzard seemed to have subsided, but the recent wave of layoffs at the developer has caused the regulatory entity to reopen the topic to point out the Redmond-based company. The FTC believes that this decision contradicts Microsoft’s promise to allow the creators of Call of Duty to operate independently, as they had assured this before the completion of the acquisition. However, Microsoft has responded, suggesting that the decision to cut hundreds of jobs had already been planned in advance and that they had nothing to do with it.

According to Microsoft, Activision Blizzard had already made the decision to lay off its workers before Microsoft completed the purchase. The company argues that Activision was planning to eliminate a significant number of jobs while continuing to operate as an independent company, and that Microsoft had no involvement in the cuts produced at the developer studio.

Despite Microsoft’s defense, the FTC is still likely to try to block Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard, even though the deal was closed weeks ago. The regulator had previously returned to the charge against both companies last December, appealing to the decision of a district court that decided not to block the transaction.

In recent days, Xbox has been in the headlines following many rumors about the launch of exclusives to other platforms. Phil Spencer has announced a surprise event to delve into the future strategy of the gaming division. Although details about the event date have not been revealed, it is expected to take place at some point in the next week.

Sources: Tweet by Tom Warren

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