Microsoft to Launch Space RPG on Sony Console


Microsoft is looking to expand its ecosystem beyond Xbox and is considering releasing its exclusive titles on other systems, including Nintendo Switch and PS5. One such game, Hi-Fi Rush, is expected to land on PS5 and Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2024. Additionally, there are rumors that another game, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, is being considered for launch on PS5 after its release on Xbox Series and PC in December 2024.

According to reports from XboxEra, it is likely that the space RPG Starfield will also be making its way to the Sony console in the near future. Microsoft is said to be investing in development kits for the Japanese platform, indicating its commitment to expanding the game’s availability.

There has been internal debate within Microsoft about the exclusivity of its games, with some executives initially claiming that Starfield would be purely exclusive to Xbox. However, the company is now considering the economic opportunities of launching its games on other consoles. This has led to speculation that Hi-Fi Rush will indeed be released on rival platforms in the first quarter of 2024, and Microsoft may make a public announcement about this strategy in the near future.

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