Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew McConaughey in Talks for New Yellowstone Spin-Off


Although it is not yet one hundred percent clear, the latest reports indicate that Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew McConaughey are in talks to star in the new spin-off series of Yellowstone.

There is no doubt that one of the standout series in the SkyShowtime catalog is Yellowstone, a production by Taylor Sheridan whose plot follows John Dutton, a man who owns the largest ranch in the United States, nicknamed Yellowstone.

Both John and his children engage in a relentless battle against an Indian reservation and against the US federal government, which is trying to expand the national park adjacent to the Dutton property.

With the main series about to see its end, the universe of Yellowstone continues to expand into new spin-offs set in different time periods. The latest to be announced are 1944 and 2024, where it is understood that the latter will serve as a direct sequel to the original series, although nothing has been confirmed.

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The new Yellowstone spin-off is about to confirm its cast

While there has been much talk of Matthew McConaughey being the lead in 2024, it seems that his role in the series is not yet one hundred percent confirmed, although he would have a very good chance of it.

As Puck News reports, the new Yellowstone spin-off would be created during the final episodes of the main series at the end of this year, where Matthew McConaughey is seen as the “best choice” to be its protagonist. However, it seems that the actor will not sign “until he sees a script” of the spin-off.

In addition to Matthew McConaughey, Michelle Pfeiffer is also in talks to star in 2024, who would be the female lead in Taylor Sheridan’s next fiction, where she “should close a deal or leave in the next week or two”, as the media explains.

The second and final part of the final season of Yellowstone premieres in the United States in November 2024, where it is expected to arrive shortly after in Spain through SkyShowtime. Would you like to see Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Pfeiffer in the next spin-off series?

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