Meet the Dark Droids: Triple 0 & BT-1 of Star Wars


Star Wars, a franchise that has captured the imagination of countless fans, features a diverse cast of characters, including several types of droids. Each droid serves its purpose within this expansive universe, completing tasks ranging from mundane duties to critical missions.

Protocol droids, in particular, are designed to provide assistance, work as interpreters, and cater to the needs of their masters. One such droid is C3PO, a chatty yet devoted mechanical companion. Known for being somewhat ungainly and overly talkative, C3PO is, above all else, fiercely loyal and endlessly strives to aid his friends. Alongside the smaller astromech droid R2D2, he’s experienced a lifetime’s worth of adventures, spanning from the days of the Old Republic, through the rise and fall of the Empire, and into the era of the New Republic.

These two iconic droids eventually came into the possession of the Skywalker family, with Jedi Luke Skywalker becoming their master. Their story is one of companionship and loyalty, but as we dive deeper into the universe, we find that not all droids share this benign nature. Some, indeed, have far more sinister programming.

Enter Doctor Aphra, an archaeologist with a taste for rebellion and trouble. She has come into contact with two droids that are far from the helpful sort embodied by C3PO and R2D2. In the expansive world of ‘Star Wars’, there are also droids with a more, let’s say, “psychotic” disposition.

Who are these droids with a deadly twist? Triple 0 and BT-1, a duo notorious for their violent tendencies and ruthless efficiency. Triple 0, introduced in the ‘Darth Vader’ comic book series and featured regularly in Doctor Aphra’s adventures, resembles C3PO to some degree. But the similarities are only skin deep. Triple 0 boasts of expertise in etiquette, customs, translation, and, most chillingly, torture. Etiquette and translation are simply a cover for this droid’s true passion: inflicting pain and suffering. There’s nothing he enjoys more than unleashing terror, reveling in the screams and agony of his victims.

During his appearances in the comics, Triple 0 has shown a disturbing level of satisfaction in his murderous endeavors, receiving elation from each successful act of violence. Even Doctor Aphra, who has worked with him on many occasions, isn’t immune to his macabre desires.

Complementing Triple 0’s sinister skills is BT-1, another assassin droid born out of the Tarkin Initiative—one of the Galactic Empire’s more ominous projects. BT-1 is designed for destruction, and if he could, he would likely revel in the taste of his victims’ fear as he unleashes havoc.

This menacing duo stands apart from the more benign droids like C3PO and R2D2; they don’t carry toolkits for repairs but instead come equipped with weapons and torture implements. Triple 0 is outfitted with knives jutting from its fingertips, syringes, and other lethal devices. BT-1 is no less dangerous. Anyone unfortunate enough to cross paths with them is at risk of falling victim to their lethal designs.

Despite the fascinating background and dark allure of Triple 0 and BT-1, these two droids have not yet made their appearance in any live-action Star Wars films or series. However, for those intrigued by the darker underbelly of the ‘Star Wars’ universe, the ‘Darth Vader’ and ‘Doctor Aphra’ comic series offer a closer look at the deadliest duo in the galaxy and their grim contributions to the epic saga.

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