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The Awesome Games Done Quick video game marathon continues to provide us with some incredible speedruns. One of the most surprising ones was yesterday when a speedrunner managed to pass the classic Gyromite of NES. However, in the last few hours, the speedrunner CRZ has left us speechless with the incredible feat he has accomplished with Super Mario 64.

In addition to being an expert speedrunner of this legendary Nintendo 64 title, CRZ is also an excellent musician who plays the drums. This has led him to mix his passion for gaming with his talent in music, showcasing his ability to play Super Mario 64 using a drum set as a controller, and completing the game in record time. You can watch the result here:

For this occasion, he chose the 16-star category, which requires taking advantage of the flaws in the game to reach certain levels much earlier than intended, especially the phases in which you have to face Bowser. Performing these tasks with a regular controller is difficult enough, but doing it with a drum set while maintaining a sense of rhythm is truly remarkable.

The speedrun is truly impressive, and it’s worth watching CRZ’s skill, making it one of the most impressive speedruns of the AGDQ. The marathon is still being broadcast until Sunday, so there is still time for more speedruns that are worth highlighting.

Overall, CRZ has showcased an incredible talent by combining his love for gaming and music, creating a speedrun that has astonished the gaming community.

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