Maximize Efficiency with Pokémon GO’s New Features


Niantic is working on several new features for Pokémon GO that will be rolled out throughout this year. One of the updates includes enhancing the game’s graphics quality to improve the overall visual experience. Additionally, new mechanics have been developed to save players time when performing certain actions within the game.

For instance, players will soon be able to feed their Pokémon companions instantly, eliminating the need for activating augmented reality and going through the process of using the device’s camera. This will make it more convenient for players to interact with their Pokémon companions.

In addition, improvements to combat mechanics are also in the works. Players attending Raids will have the option to indicate that they are ready, reducing the preparation time from two minutes to just ten seconds. Moreover, the game will display which attacks are most effective against Raid Bosses, providing players with better insight into which Pokémon to select before battling.

Another upcoming feature will allow players to heal or revive all Pokémon instantly with the option to automatically use the necessary items in the player’s bag. Although the official implementation date has not been announced, these new functions are expected to be rolled out gradually throughout the year. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting new features in Pokémon GO!

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