Match Schedules for Kings & Queens League


Get ready for an electrifying showdown in the Kings League 2024! As Matchday 4 heats up, all eyes are on the fierce rivalry between xBuyer Team and Los Troncos, who are neck and neck in the league. Both teams are sitting on 9 points each and are vying to outstrip the other to take the top spot all by themselves. We’re in for a treat as xBuyer Team is set to take on El Barrio, while Los Troncos are prepping for a clash with 1K FC, which is headed by the legendary Iker Casillas. On paper, both xBuyer Team and Los Troncos are heavily favored to come out ahead.

In contrast, Ibai’s Porcinos FC finds itself in a bit of a tough spot, taking up the ninth position without a single point in their pocket so far. But not all hope is lost, as their next opponents, PIO FC, haven’t fared much better, with a mere three goals to their name since the start of the championship. This slump gives the popular streamer and his team a burning hope for breaking their unfortunate streak.

Now, let’s dive into the world of mystery: Kunisports, helmed by none other than Kun Agüero, has been trailing at the bottom, but could this be the day their luck turns? Kunisports teases us with the promise of a secret player, dubbed ‘Enigma 70′, stepping onto the pitch at the 5th minute mark. Who this mystical player is, remains a well-kept secret. Fans are abuzz with speculations, piecing together hints about Enigma 70: he’s under 40, not bald, a fishing enthusiast, has played on an international level, competed in the big leagues, and – a clue for the sports detectives – he’s right-handed.

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Looking at the schedule for Matchday 4 of the Kings League, all matches are lined up for Sunday, February 11. Here’s the rundown of the day’s exhilarating encounters:

– 15:00 (CET) Rayo de Barcelona faces off against Saiyans FC
– 16:00 (CET) Los Troncos FC versus 1K FC
– 17:00 (CET) Ultimate Móstoles FC takes on Jijantes FC
– 18:00 (CET) xBuyer Team battles it out with El Barrio
– 19:00 (CET) Annihiladores FC meets Kunisports in the field of play
– 20:00 (CET) Porcinos FC clashes with PIO FC

Over in the Queens League Matchday 3, every match unfolds on Saturday, February 10:

– 15:00 (CET) El Barrio goes head to head with Saiyans FC
– 16:00 (CET) Porcinas FC is up against Annihiladoras
– 17:00 (CET) 1K FC challenges Jijantas FC
– 18:00 (CET) Ultimate Móstoles faces Rayo de Barcelona
– 19:00 (CET) Kunitas FC competes with Las Troncas FC
– 20:00 (CET) PIO FC tries their luck against xBuyer Team

Keep an eye out for the Kings League and Queens League standings to see how these thrilling matches will affect the teams’ positions. The competition is fierce, and everything can change in the blink of an eye. Who will rise? Who will falter? The suspense is real and every game counts. Join in, watch live, and witness history in the making as amateur spirit meets professional passion in the Kings League and Queens League 2024.

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