Mastering Crazy Physics: Levitating a Projector in Control


Remedy polished the destruction system of the Federal Control Agency to the extreme

The arrival of a new video game Remedy is synonymous with intense action and really crazy situations. The developer has excelled over the decades by providing us with very intense adventures like Max Payne and thrillers full of mystery like Alan Wake, but perhaps the most particular title of all is that of Jesse Faden.

Control is a true marvel that was released in 2019 and, although it did not have the best of luck at its launch, it subsequently obtained great recognition from the public. The work allows us to visit the headquarters of the Federal Control Agency and confront a corrupt presence that is putting everyone inside the facilities in trouble.

The most striking thing of all is that the protagonist manages to master a series of very destructive telekinetic powers, which allow you to levitate objects, tear off pieces of the cement wall and even float in the air. A great fantasy that is combined with a brilliant physics system, because we can destroy everything we see around us.

And in the middle of that chaos Control stands out above average, because if we decide to grab an old projector, it will continue playing the tape it has without any problem. It is a true genius that the Finnish developer was able to keep the image moving regardless of its position. Of course, the footage is recreated at other moments where the physics of the video game shine on their own demonstrating that the work team took polishing this section very seriously.

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