Marvel Zombies Director Promises Gruesome Deaths with Classic Humor


Marvel Zombies will be one of the studio’s few productions focused on those over 18. Of all the series that Marvel is preparing for the coming years, one of the ones that has caught the public’s attention the most, without a doubt, is Marvel Zombies. After appearing in one of the first episodes of What If…?, this comic series will have its own production with Miss Marvel as the main protagonist.

And although it is a Marvel series, the director of the series, Bryan Andrews, has assured that there will be deaths and quite hard, grotesque and terrifying moments. This is what the director of the second season of What If…? also commented in an interview with the publisher, where he talked about the variety of genres Marvel Zombies will have.

“Well, it’s going to be pretty awesome. I mean it’s an adult series, so it’s going to be pretty hardcore. People die, and they do it pretty hard. However, there are still some laughs to be found here and there. It’s not all horrible. But, you know, we can lean in with some laughs and some humor, and then we get it out of the way quickly. So, it’s pretty brutal. There’s a lot of action. There’s big emotions. There’s drama. There is everything.”

Although he has not revealed much about the series for obvious reasons, Andrews commented that we should not expect many completely happy moments, since the undead of the MCU will wreak havoc on the world’s population with quite raw and terrifying moments.

Marvel Zombies will be, along with Echo and Deadpool 3, the UCM’s only short-term projects with an 18+ rating. But they will not be the only ones, since several months ago it was confirmed that the Blade reboot will also be part of this select club.

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