Margot Robbie Discusses ‘Barbie’ Role & Oscars Absences


**A Celebration of Cinema: The Oscars and the Barbie Sensation**

As we approach the glamorous and prestige-filled Oscars of 2024, a special buzz surrounds the year’s most superb films. Amongst them, “Barbie” stands out as a true conversation starter. With a solid eight nominations to its name, one might think it’s been a solid run for the film; yet, there’s an unmistakable sense that it fell shy of expectations for some. In contrast, the summer’s other blockbuster, “Oppenheimer,” has secured a whopping 13 nominations, pushing the competition to new heights.

The Oscars are no strangers to causing a stir with their nominations—or the lack thereof—and this year is no exception. Two notable omissions from the list have become the talk of Tinseltown: the acclaimed Greta Gerwig for best director, and the talented Australian actress Margot Robbie for best actress. Many eyebrows rose at these exclusions, and now, Margot Robbie has stepped into the spotlight to reflect on “Barbie” and its journey through award season.

In a heartfelt discussion about her experience at the SAG Awards, where the Screen Actors Guild recognizes outstanding performances, Robbie shared her perspective with undeniable grace. “There’s simply no room for sadness when you realize how blessed you’ve been,” she asserted. Robbie holds a firm belief that Gerwig’s direction was nothing less than deserving of an Oscar nod, referring to the director’s work as a unique milestone in both her career and her life.

Margot Robbie didn’t hold back her admiration for Gerwig’s accomplishments with “Barbie,” acknowledging the cultural shift they intended to create with the film—a goal they’ve evidently surpassed. “It’s bigger than us, bigger than this movie, and bigger than our industry,” Robbie reflected. The impact they envisioned for pop culture not only has been achieved but has exceeded their wildest expectations. According to Robbie, the cultural ripple effect and the conversations sparked by the film represent a far greater reward than any trophy could ever confer.

**The Phenomenon of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie**

2023 was a banner year for “Barbie,” and its box office success speaks volumes. Crowning it as the highest-grossing film of the year, the Barbie phenomenon has left an indelible mark on moviegoers worldwide. Margot Robbie cherishes the public’s reception of the film the most, describing it as the ultimate accolade of their collective efforts.

The reactions to “Barbie” have ranged from audible gasps in movie theaters to overheard conversations in the most unexpected places, including bathroom chatter. Observing the film’s influence online has been another reward for Robbie, along with the visual homage of pink attire worn by fans. She mused, “Never have I been part of something with such a widespread impact. Sure, I’ve done comedies that got people talking, but ‘Barbie’ is distinctly different—it’s groundbreaking.”

Indeed, seeing a film influence pop culture to such a degree is rare, and Robbie finds the experience surreal. She likens it to being in the center of a hurricane, witnessing the cultural landscape shift around her. “Barbie” may not have checked every box for the Academy this year, but Margot Robbie’s insight sheds light on the intangible ways the film has already won.

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