Major Changes Coming to Forza Motorsport Progression System


Forza Motorsport will incorporate a few changes over the next month to improve its progression system that has been criticized by some players in recent days.

Forza Motorsport arrived a few months ago on Xbox Series X|S and PC to offer a new leap in quality in Turn 10’s simulation and racing saga. However, after this time, one of the systems in this installment continues to give players headaches.

The vehicle progression mechanics do not seem to convince Forza Motorsport players, who have been complaining about the issue over the past few weeks. The developers have already taken note of these criticisms.

Forza Motorsport plans important improvements

So Turn 10 has released a statement indicating that they plan important changes within this area and that will arrive at some point in March. Far from stopping there, the studio has detailed the two key points they will address in this sixth game update.

The first of the changes indicates that all parts of each vehicle will now be unlocked at car level 1. This will allow players to install upgrades and improvements in the order they prefer.

“Whether it’s engine changes, racing tires, induction changes, body kits, or any other part available for your vehicle, you’ll have the freedom to build cars your way,” the studio pointed out in its press release.

The second major move has to do with Car Points. After the update, they can be obtained with in-game credits. At this point, Turn 10 is considering a ratio of 4500 credits for 500 Car Points.

“This means you can start installing upgrades to your car immediately if you have enough credits, or if you prefer to save them, you can still earn car parts through car leveling as before.”

What do you think? As for the time needed on the track to reach vehicle level 50, it will remain between 2 and 3 hours and the brand discount levels will not change as part of the update. All of that remains the same.

Now we just have to wait for the details of when these changes will arrive. Haven’t been able to play Forza Motorsport yet? Here we can convince you to do it. Take a look at our game analysis. This is how we valued it at the time:

Like Aston Martin did at the beginning of the Formula 1 season, Turn 10 Studios has wiped the slate clean and created a race car with a very promising future. As a game as a service, it has room for improvement, but Forza Motorsport is an impressive driving simulator that also adapts to all types of audiences.

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