Mads Mikkelsen Picks Favorite Marvel Villain Role


Actor Mads Mikkelsen Reflects on Playing Villain in Doctor Strange Movie

The actor has opted for the villain Kaecilius, whom he played in the first movie of Doctor Strange.

Besides being one of the most respected actors of the moment within both cinema and television, actor Mads Mikkelsen is also one of the few performers who have the honor of having been a part of many of the great film franchises of the last few decades, from Harry Potter to Indiana Jones, passing through the MCU.

And in practically all of them, Mikkelsen has played the “bad guy,” but if asked to choose a character that he really enjoyed bringing to life, the Danish actor has no doubts: Kaecilius from Doctor Strange, thanks to the interpretative opportunities this role provided him. “I adore all the franchises I’ve been in,” the actor acknowledged to Bussiness Insider.

“But the most fun out of all of them for me was Doctor Strange because I had the chance to do two things that I love: magic and Kung Fu.” Asked if he also felt lost while filming Doctor Strange, as Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo have confessed, Mikkelsen downplays it.

“Yes, I did feel lost while shooting Doctor Strange, but there’s a good reason for this because the story is based on a somewhat psychedelic graphic novel, which is very different from the other Marvel stories. (…) Regarding the script, it was a very solid story, but after seeing the latest from Marvel, I understand why they felt a bit lost,” the Danish actor admitted.

Batman or Jurassic Park?

When asked in which other major franchise of the moment he is willing to leave his mark, the journalist offered the actor three possibilities: Jurassic Park, Fast & Furious, and Batman. Which one did the actor choose? ” Jurassic Park became an icon when it was released. But Batman is also fantastic,” the Danish actor reflected, “I think I’m going to stick with the dinosaurs. I would like to live in the fantastic world of dinosaurs. I’ll stick with this,” Mads Mikkelsen asserted, completely ignoring the car franchise.

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