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Quantic Dream wants to go beyond David Cage’s big blockbusters and that’s why they created the Spotlight label, dedicated to sponsoring smaller projects with original potential. From its first batch, perhaps the one that best represents that spirit is this Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior, coming to PC on February 13th.

Conceived from a project devised by a single person, the game has grown and “embellished” to meet current standards, but it maintains its essence: mixing hack and slash with puzzles based on time loops.

The analysis of Lysfanga The Time Shift Warrior for PC on Hobby Consolas:

Gameplay of Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior

In general terms, the objective of the game is simple: controlling Imë, the protagonist goddess in third person, we have to advance through isometric maps to reach areas crowded with enemies. Once we reach one, we must defeat them all before time runs out or before they eliminate us first.

But Imë has a special ability: she is able to go back in time and, every time she does, a “clone” of hers (called remnant) will repeat the actions she did in the first instance. So, if for example we start by going left, then go back in time and then go right, at that moment there will be two Imës: one going to the left (the remnant) and another one going to the right.

At first, the dynamics are very simple, but as we progress in the game, we will come to see 6 or 7 remnants, each of them repeating what we did in that time loop. In addition, we always have a limited time for each of the loops. If we run out of time for all our remnants, we will have to start over…

This leads to very interesting puzzles, from doors whose opening we must foresee for our future selves to interconnected enemies that have to die at the same time to be eliminated.

All these elements end up mixing and, in addition, we discover new abilities (starting from a different point on the map in our next loop, forcing an enemy to die instantly if he “had” to die in the turn…), so we have to take all these variables into account before launching an attack.

Aside from the strategy we adopt, the action component is also important, as many enemies can move and our position or attack rhythm can greatly influence the result. At first, we only have a sword, but later we obtain more weapons (which we can change on the fly), such as a trident or a chakram.

Each weapon has a primary and a secondary attack, which we must coordinate with the special abilities we have assigned, each of which requires a “recharge” time after each use. We can also use a devastating “goddess superpower” for enemies, whose availability is indicated when Imë’s hair turns white. Like Ultra Instinct?

Although the battles (with an occasional final boss, by the way) are the true heart of the game, we can also explore the cities we visit. There are some detours that can lead us to treasure chests with new armor designs (purely cosmetic), remnant fragments to get extra attempts, or orbs with which to buy at our hideout.

This hideout can be visited from the teleporters we find. In it, the golems we rescue can give us advice, modify our appearance or the decoration of the room, or even invite us to more difficult challenges based on those we have already overcome. By the way, once we overcome a section, we can revisit it to try to beat the time record.

Is Lysfanga difficult?

Each of the three big acts of the game (the third is the longest, by far) has its own difficulty curve, which starts very smoothly, so that we can assimilate our new abilities or the different enemies, but in the most advanced sections of each act the challenge is quite, quite high.

It is important to note that there is not a single way to overcome each challenge and, the more abilities we discover, the more our range opens up. This is good because it gives us more flexibility, but it can also cause you to overlook a useful strategy amidst so many variables.

In any case, the game rewards those who design a solid strategy before leaping into the fray, because it can save you many repetitions.

Lysfanga the Time Shift Warrior

We have some visual aids while we are fighting, like skulls over “doomed” enemies (those who are going to die because we already killed them in a previous loop) or arrows that indicate where the enemies that have not yet died in any loop are.

How many hours does Lysfanga last

Although there is some room for exploration, in order to search for new armor designs or remnant pieces, in general, progress is quite direct. That being said, the adventure can last about 12 hours, although you will probably die in more than one encounter and that could cause the figure to increase a bit.

To get the most out of the game, you can delve into the possibilities of the hideout, customizing the paintings, researching the codex, or speaking with the golems, but all of that is only a small “complement”. Much more entertaining can be trying to beat the best times in each challenge.

Price and available platforms

For now, Lysfanga is only planned for release on PC (through Steam and the Epic Games Store), at a recommended price of 24.99 euros. During the first few days, it will be discounted to 19.99 euros.

There is only the standard digital edition of the game, although we assume that if it is successful, it will eventually be released on consoles later.

Robust gameplay for a slightly “small” adventure

Since we tried Lysfanga in Paris a few months ago, we already had clear that its gameplay dynamics worked well. And the result has not disappointed at all, with a concept that perfectly combines the fighting dynamics of games like Hades with the more thoughtful aspect of titles like Braid or even Portal.

It is an excellent example of a good idea put into practice with care, although it is also true that the more advanced parts may be too intimidating for players who get saturated soon. You have to brain pretty hard when you mix binary doors, twin enemies, and resistant types, so it is important to play calmly, with short sessions.

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