Looking for a Job in Palworld? Developers Needed at Pocketpair


The creators of Palworld are desperate to hire more developers: “We lack a lot of people“. It seems that the Japanese are looking for staff, at all costs.

Palworld is played on PC, Steam Deck, Xbox and Game Pass, but the viral sensation of Pocketpair and its success are not created alone. Their studio confirms that they need more developers and are almost desperately looking for them.

The Japanese put in almost half a million dollars a month in servers to keep the game active, but that comes with an additional cost; more than the money, they are in great need of personnel.

In fact, it was recently updated with major improvements and fixes, including an extra that fixes one of the most frustrating bugs that Palworld users were experiencing.

There’s much more to do in Palworld, but we need more colleagues!“, reads a tweet from the studio. Thanks to automatic translation, we know what they are looking for with their words in Japanese.

All positions are open, but we are especially looking for planners and engineers“, you can keep reading on the official Twitter account of Palworld.

We are looking for people interested in creating completely new games, regardless of the engine they have experience with!“, they seem to be open to experts in Unity and/or Unreal Engine.

Who wants to work in Palworld? It’s your destiny, your mission!

Although it’s not the biggest problem in the world, it is a gigantic one. After all, Palworld is a hit on PC and Xbox with more than 19 million players as of January 31, 2024 and in less than 2 weeks after its launch.

That number will have grown since then, although on Steam its peak of 2,101,867 concurrent players is -at the time of writing this article- of 569,447 users playing.

It’s still more than half a million characters playing at once, with 682,032 characters at the same time at its peak 24 hours ago and lots of content to manage.

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Although they don’t care about experience in one or the other graphics engine, Pocketpair is a Japanese studio and knowing or speaking the language (as well as residing in the country) could be a plus to consider.

But the good news is that working at Pocketpair is not like working on their game, their website in English promises flexible schedules, full benefits and extra hours are “basically nonexistent“; they say without irony that “the era of making games while suffering is over“.

It may be that the creators of Palworld are desperately looking for workers, but until they find them, they will have to continue to keep the servers afloat.

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