Listen to the Music of One Piece’s Important Moments for Free


Last summer, Monkey D. Luffy took the spotlight as one of the great protagonists of the anime industry. The unveiling of the Gear 5 caused a significant stir on the internet, sparking a wave of reactions. However, it was not until recently that the official soundtrack of that moment was made available.

Toei Animation has now released all the songs from the arc of Here, including the famous Gear 5, on various platforms. While remastered versions by fans existed before, none were official or offered a “clean” version until now.

It’s worth noting that finding the original and official version of this soundtrack may be challenging, as Toei has not uploaded it to its channel. Instead, it has been released through the artist responsible for composing everything seen in the final section from Wano, Kohei Tanaka.

The album ‘ONE PIECE Original Soundtrack “GEAR5″‘ is now available for free on YouTube and Spotify, featuring 31 different songs, including the iconic music from the biggest transformation ever seen in the construction site. Unfortunately, most of the songs from the rest of the anime are not officially available. However, this release provides hope for seeing more soundtracks from the series on different platforms.

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