League of Legends Update Challenges Longtime Riot Games Helper


When a game of the magnitude of League of Legends is preparing for an important change like the introduction of a new anti-cheat system, many unforeseen consequences can arise. One of them is the impact on a content creator on YouTube, SkinSpotlights. SkinSpotlights has more than 5,000 videos on his channel, with a notable series dedicated to presenting new skins in League of Legends in great detail, including appearances, animations, visual effects, and dances. This service is essential for informed purchases, as the developers do not provide this level of detail in their presentations.

The problem for SkinSpotlights is that he used a modified version of the game to create his videos, and his tools could be detected as cheats by Vanguard, the new anti-cheat system. This change will complicate his work significantly. SkinSpotlights mentioned that he has zero information about whether this can be fixed or not, and expressed an unmotivated stance, considering reducing the content he covers after the release of the upcoming Patch 14.4. However, there is still a possibility that Riot Games may find a solution, as they have been in conversations with SkinSpotlights, although the developer has asked for discretion.

The loss of a content creator like SkinSpotlights is not good news for the League of Legends community, and there may be a chance for a collaboration agreement between SkinSpotlights and Riot Games. The future of this situation is still to be decided.

If you haven’t done so yet, we highly recommend taking a look at the SkinSpotlights YouTube channel.

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