League of Legends Champion Goes Unchanged for 8 Years


League of Legends is a game that is constantly undergoing changes. The developer, Riot Games, updates the game every two weeks to ensure that the champions and items are well-balanced. However, surprisingly, there is one hero who has not received any changes in the last eight years. This hero is Zilean, and his last individual adjustments came in Patch 5.23 (November 24, 2015). Although there have been massive changes applied to the game that indirectly affected Zilean, he has not received any specific updates.

Despite being a fairly balanced character, Zilean is not very popular among players, as he has only been chosen in 1.65% of all League of Legends ranked games played over the last 30 days. One reason for this lack of popularity could be the outdated nature of some of his abilities. For example, his passive is considered one of the most useless in the entire video game.

Additionally, Zilean is also a forgotten champion when it comes to skins. He has not received a new cosmetic for over a year and only has seven skins, despite being one of the oldest characters in the game. Fans of Zilean are hoping that Riot Games will make some updates to celebrate the character’s upcoming 15th anniversary, but it does not seem to be a top priority for the company at the moment.

Overall, Zilean fans are not entirely satisfied with the lack of attention given to their favorite character. It remains to be seen whether Riot Games will surprise them with updates for Zilean’s special anniversary.

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