Latest Palworld Update Fixes Frustrating Bugs


Palworld receives a new patch on Xbox and PC that puts an end to a few issues that were bothering the gaming community, especially one that was very frustrating.

Palworld is in early access for Xbox Series X|S and PC, so the developers continue to work on improving the gaming experience for the millions of players who have tried this curious title.

The Palworld Twitter account has revealed the patch notes for Steam v0.1.4.1 and Xbox v0.1.1.4 patches that are arriving soon. This new game update incorporates a few significant fixes, including one that prevents your Pals from falling into an “eternal coma.”

Palworld Patch Notes v0.1.4.1

Main Fixes

  • An issue was resolved where the game always crashed and saved data was corrupted when the total number of Pals captured by the guild reached around 7000.
  • In the previous patch, saved data that was already in this state (for servers, global server data) remained in a broken state that made loading impossible, but after applying this patch it will be resolved and loaded correctly.
  • An issue was resolved where some weapons equipped by other players disappeared when a player used a grenade in multiplayer mode.
  • An issue was resolved where, although the capture probability shown increased when capturing power was reinforced with LifeMunk Effigies, the capture probability actually did not increase at all due to an internal processing error.

Base Fixes

  • An issue was resolved where if a Pal manually assigned to a breeding farm fell asleep, it would never wake up.
  • An issue was resolved where no wood would fall when a Pal in the base knocked down a tree.

Other Changes

  • Countermeasures against some tricks and exploits were implemented.

More updates are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Have you experienced any of these recently reported issues?

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