Krysten Ritter teases Marvel return on social media


Disney is starting to take action regarding the Marvel superheroes that were on Netflix. They have officially confirmed that these characters are part of the UCM, which has led to speculation about their return to the small screen. The situation has taken an interesting turn with the last image of one of the protagonists, Jessica Jones.

Kristen Ritter, the actress who played the private investigator, shared a video on her Instagram account in which she is seen wearing a t-shirt related to her character in the Netflix series. She also left a rather enigmatic message: IYKYK, which means “If You Know, You Know.”

This expression is used to refer to concepts that only a few people will understand. Although Ritter does not state it directly, she suggests through the shirt she is wearing that there may be a return for Jessica Jones. While there is no official confirmation or reliable leaks that clearly indicate a return, the clues are there, and given Marvel’s work after the creative reboot during the actors’ strike, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think about it.

There are also leaks suggesting the return of Iron Fist with a new project, following in the wake of the Netflix series. Additionally, there may be an unexpected return of Foggy Nelson and Karen Page, along with other characters like Bullseye. Disney could be willing to give a well-deserved facelift to all these superheroes who dominated the small screen almost a decade ago.

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