Konami’s Successful Video Game Revamp Boosts Profits by 50%


Konami is bringing back sagas like Metal Gear Solid or Konami, and this investment in quality video games is noticeable in the good financial results.

Konami, one of the most veteran Japanese video game companies in the industry, has been unrecognizable in recent years, practically abandoning its most popular franchises such as Castlevania, Metal Gear, Silent Hill, or Pro Evolution Soccer, rebranded as free to play.

But they have recently reinvested in video games, especially high-profile console and PC games, from renowned and, above all, global-reaching sagas, as many of their games are Japan-exclusive.

The recent release of Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1, the first in a series of Metal Gear Solid titles (without Hideo Kojima, of course) has been important in increasing the profits of Konami’s video game division (Entertainment Digital) in the last fiscal year.

Konami’s profits improve by 50%

Last week, Konami published the financial results for the nine-month period between April 1 and December 31, 2023, with an increase in profits (via GameDeveloper).

And this is especially significant in its Digital Entertainment division, which includes video games and is the majority of the company (which also deals with local entertainment, pachinko, and sports), where revenues increased by 10.8%, to 173.4 billion yen ($1.18 billion).

In total, this represented an 11.6% increase in revenue for the entire company, and a 53% increase in profits compared to a year in which revenues also increased.

Konami mentions as important the aforementioned Metal Gear Solid Master Collection, but also Momotaro Dentetsu World-Chikyu wa Kibou de Mawatteru!, the latest in a series of exclusive Switch train games that are selling like hotcakes, reaching one million copies sold in a month and a half.

Konami has just released a short game from Silent Hill, The Short Message, which will not generate profits because it is free, but hopefully will create new fans for the new games in the saga, with Silent Hill 2 at the forefront… although its latest trailer did not impress fans. And when will we get Castlevania?

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