Konami’s New Animation Studio Aims to Revolutionize Anime


Are you a fan of anime and video games? Guess what – Konami has some exciting news! They’ve just launched their very own anime studio called Konami Animation, and they’re on a mission to shake things up in the world of Japanese anime. With their eyes set on bold evolution, they aim to infuse their deep-seated game development expertise, knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology into the anime production process. The buzz about this new venture is spreading quickly, and it’s clear that Konami is eager to bring new energy to anime fans.

Konami Animation isn’t wasting any time either – they’ve already rolled out two projects. There’s an animated short to celebrate a whopping 25 years of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, and they’ve crafted the opening sequence for the series ‘Nanatsu no Maken ga Shihai Suru’. These initial offerings are just a taste of what’s to come!

Now, let’s talk about what the future holds for Konami in the anime world. This legendary titan of the gaming industry is not just dipping its toes into anime – they’re planning to dive right in. If you think about it, Konami has a treasure trove of famed franchises like Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Suikoden, and more, which means there’s a whole universe of stories and characters they can explore in animated form. Consider Castlevania; it’s already been a hit anime series, proving that there’s a ripe field for Konami’s to harvest.

So, what’s the secret sauce at Konami Animation? They’ve got a few key principles guiding them. For starters, they’re passionate about nurturing their creators – getting their creative juices flowing and performance skyrocketing. After all, a vibrant work culture springs from the rich knowledge accrued during years of game development.

Next, there’s expression. Konami is all about leveraging animation, staging, and game engines to endlessly chase after fresh, exciting ways to tell stories – the kind that resonates deeply with audiences and sends thrills down their spines.

And then there’s the ‘Game On’ attitude. Their creators are always scanning the horizon for creative and efficient processes that marry the storied history of the animation industry with the cutting-edge ambition of video game evolution.

In short, Konami Animation is poised to blend gaming glory and anime artistry to create something spectacular. They’re not just aiming to be a part of the anime scene; they want to redefine it. With their promising start and promising principles, the anime world should be on the lookout. Konami is all geared up to bring their A-game to the anime game, and fans are here for it!

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