Konami Opens Animation Studio for Metal Gear and Silent Hill Animes


Konami, a company known for some of the most popular games in the gaming industry, is now focusing on developing new installments of its important franchises such as Metal Gear saga and Silent Hill. The Japanese company has many more projects beyond remakes and it seems that it is also determined to bet on anime.

Reports from Japan indicate that Konami has established a new animation studio called “Konami Animation.” This team is dedicated to animation and has released a video on YouTube about the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game. The goal of the studio is to incorporate CG technology, knowledge, and production environment from game production into Japanese animation.

Konami’s ambition is to work on a wide range of works without focusing solely on their intellectual property. The studio is currently hiring and also aims to partner with other companies to work on new projects together. Konami Animation has an official website, and more information about their upcoming projects will be provided in the coming months.

Apart from their ambitions in animation, there have been reports that PlayStation has confirmed the release of the remakes of Metal Gear Solid 3 and Silent Hill 2 in 2024. However, the company has not made an official statement regarding the release date.

In addition to their new animation ventures, Konami has been making waves in the gaming industry with remakes and new installments of their popular franchises. It will be interesting to see how their foray into anime will unfold and what kind of content they will produce in collaboration with other companies.

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