Kojima’s New Metal Gear-Style Project: PHYSINT Announcement


Hideo Kojima, the creative mind behind Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, made a major announcement during the last State of Play event. He revealed that he is working on a Metal Gear style spy game, which he considers to be the culmination of his work in the video game industry. This new project came about due to the insistent requests from players.

The information was shared through the revival of HideoTube, Kojima’s own YouTube channel. In a 50-minute documentary, Kojima Productions provided extensive details about Death Stranding 2 and Physint, a game and movie hybrid that will be developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures.

In a YouTube video, Kojima expressed his desire to create something new and different, leading to the development of this action and espionage game. Despite his health struggles in 2020, Kojima was inspired to fulfill the requests of his fans, who have been asking for another Metal Gear game for the past eight years.

Kojima’s plans to make the jump to filmmaking were put on hold as he became determined to develop this new project. However, he remains committed to his role as a video game creator, even as collaborations with companies like A24 aim to bring Death Stranding to the big screen.

At 60 years old, Kojima’s unique and eccentric nature continues to drive his creativity, and he is grateful for the opportunity to bring his vision to life. With this new game, Kojima plans to deliver an experience that blurs the line between gaming and movies, fulfilling the wishes of his dedicated fanbase.

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