Kingpin’s Role Teased in Latest ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Set Photo


Hey there, Marvel fans! It’s time to dive back into the gritty streets of Hell’s Kitchen because the Man Without Fear is making a monumental comeback. Buzz continues to grow around the fourth season of Daredevil titled, ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’ Drawing inspiration from Frank Miller’s iconic story, our beloved hero is once again poised for action.

Let’s talk about the big baddie, Wilson Fisk – better known as Kingpin. He’s not just a formidable force squaring off against our favorite vigilante; he’s set to shake up the entire Marvel “earthly” universe, with series like ‘Echo’ and ‘Hawkeye’ feeling his presence. The whispers in the alleyways have been getting louder, suggesting Kingpin might just land himself the job of mayor of New York. And would you believe it? A snapshot from the series’ filming all but confirms Kingpin’s political ambitions, showcasing a headline from the make-believe New York Criterion that declares, “Wilson Fisk’s campaign gains momentum heading to the polls.”

It sounds like Kingpin is on a crusade to rule the crime-scene as well as the political scene of the Big Apple. And that certainly is a twist to keep your eyes on!

Behind the scenes, a trio of Marvel veterans have taken the reins, ensuring the saga’s anticipation stays at an all-time high. For those who’ve been following Daredevil’s journey on Netflix, you’ll be happy to hear that Marvel has confirmed those three seasons are official canon. This means all the blistering past adventures of Daredevil are etched into the MCU’s sprawling timeline.

There’s more good news to get your heart racing: the loyal Foggy Nelson and the determined Karen Page are confirmed for the return. Also, adding to the excitement, it looks like Bullseye and Punisher are going to make their electrifying appearances. However, the anticipation is tingling with the question: Will we see Elodie Yung suiting up as the deadly Elektra once more? Only time will tell!

As filming for ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ has only just kicked into gear, the prediction is that the series will swing into our screens in 2025. This positions it as a thrilling addition to Phase 5 of the MCU. This phase is already buzzing with projects, including ‘Deadpool 3,’ ‘Agatha: Darkhold Diaries,’ and the already-dropped ‘She-Hulk.’ And let’s not forget other forthcoming titles like ‘Captain America: New World Order,’ ‘Thunderbolts,’ and ‘Blade’ that are sure to carve out an unforgettable era of superhero storytelling.

So, brace yourselves, fellow fans of the Marvel universe! It seems like Phase 5 is shaping up to be one grand, interconnected theater of heroes and villains, where the lines sometimes blur, and where a hero like Daredevil can find light in the darkness. Keep watching those alleyways and rooftops because the vigilante of Hell’s Kitchen is poised to leap back into action, and this time, it’s bound to be an enthralling rebirth worthy of the moniker ‘Born Again.’ Stay tuned!

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