Key Changes and Improvements in Palworld Requested by Many Players


Main changes and improvements that Palworld players demand from Pocketpair, a user makes a list of 20 requests to the Japanese studio.

Palworld is played on PC, Steam Deck, Xbox and Game Pass, but the viral sensation of Pocketpair and its success continues in Early Access. Therefore, and as development is ongoing, they are asking the studio for changes and improvements in the MMO.

Getting to the point, here’s a list without explanation of why,” the creator of this list began, ensuring “because it’s very obvious.” Truth be told, the game was recently updated with significant improvements and fixes, including one that fixes one of the most frustrating bugs in the Pals game.

Main Changes and Improvements in Palworld

At the end of all of them, the user comments on being confident that “there is more, that was just what came to mind.” And indeed, many others have added to the list.

All of this can be consulted through Reddit, where Rohkha compiled 20 requests for the Pocketpair game that we will list below:

  1. Press a button to fall from the sky with my mount as if I were out of stamina.
  2. Improved construction system.
  3. Stairs and roofs should have adjustable lengths.
  4. Triangular walls should rotate in all directions, not just at a 90ยบ angle to the ground.
  5. Roofs in the corners.
  6. Improve the wood-stone-metal building material without breaking it.
  7. Walk over objects without breaking them… ESPECIALLY PALBOX!
  8. I know it’s cute… But stop making Pals move IN FRONT OF THE FACE!
  9. Coop menu: enter the menu like in the Palbox and choose 2 pals to enter.
  10. Task/priority assignment to pals. Also the possibility of prohibiting them from doing a specific task unless they cannot do anything else but that.
  11. Allow pals to eat from my food bag even if they are MOUNTED
  12. Introduce an object/chair/collar/bed or any function that makes the presence of a cuddling/cooling pal enough for electric heaters/coolers/fridges to work.
  13. Expand the size of the base or at a minimum make the range rectangular.
  14. Allow companions to pick up cooked food and put it in the feeders.
  15. Allow the player to meditate at a certain time of day.
  16. Let my pal absorb 62 chikipis even if I’m missing 2.
  17. Have my level 2 or 3+ pal be worth at least half the number of pals it absorbed.
  18. Have a meal automatically assigned to me to cook whenever there are enough materials to do so.
  19. Favorite pals in the box.
  20. Have a container/storage box that connects across all bases.

The publication contains various comments that have also been taken into account by other users, such as one who talks about presets or another who wants filters to speed up the sale of pals.

There are also some very sensible requests, such as wanting a medicine ability for pals so that creatures with ailments or any other problem can be treated.

For many, the most sensible request is one that asks to “add an icon […] to the health bar of Pals that I have already captured 10” as it is very tiring to have to check the paldeck.

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While some are closely following the Nintendo soap opera, its president spoke on the matter without explicitly mentioning the game: “We will take appropriate measures.” Meanwhile, it seems that its creators are desperately looking for workers: “We are short on staff,” they said while still being the most played on the Valve platform.

These have been the main changes and improvements that Palworld players demand from Pocketpair. Who agrees with them?

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