Jordi Wild’s Dogfight Tournament 2: Combat Types & Formats


Get ready for an adrenaline-pumped ride as we dive into the highly anticipated Dogfight Wild Tournament 2nd, orchestrated by none other than the vibrant Jordi Wild. This year’s edition is gearing up to blow the first one out of the water with an even more electrifying lineup. It’s a festival of variety, a showcase designed to cater to every mixed martial arts fan out there with battles that promise to keep you on the edge of your seat.

MMA aficionados and newcomers alike, drawn by Jordi Wild’s magnetic presence, are bracing themselves for a celebration of combat sports that has stirred up the entire community. Excitement is high, fighters are pounding the drums of war with their bold statements, and anticipation is thick in the air. But the real action kicks off on Thursday, February 8th, commencing with a tension-filled weigh-in and face-off at 20:00 (Spanish peninsular time).

As for the main event? Mark your calendars because it’s happening hot on the heels of the preliminaries – on Friday, February 9th at 19:00 (Spanish peninsular time), taking over the Tarraco Arena in Tarragona with a display of martial prowess that’s bound to create lasting memories.

Let’s delve into the matchups set to light up the Dogfight Wild Tournament in its second edition, orchestrated by Jordi Wild:

**Sudden Death**
Prepare to witness an edge-of-your-seat fight as Aitors “Gaps” Gaspar squares off against Zdravko “Bad News” Tarnadzhiev. It’s a bout that promises to be a fast-paced thriller with the potential to end in an instant.

**2 vs 2**
Tag-team action will see Chiky “El habilidoso” Arroyo and Bogdan Vasilache take on the duo of Alberto Rondán and Nicolás Martínez in a display of teamwork and individual skill.

**Only Knuckle Femenino**
The women are ready to show their mettle too. Victoria “La Furia” Albons will go head-to-head with Yamila “Sukhi” Sánchez in a testament to the power and ferocity of women in MMA.

**No Rules**
It’s about to get wild as Franco “El Rey de la calle” Tenaglia collides with Sufiane Bahri in a “No Rules” showdown where practically anything goes.

**Last Survivor**
A battle royale of sorts featuring Nacho “The Dragon” de la Encina, Juan “The Wuan” Marín, “Mohamed “El Sicario” Benchriff, Rodrigo “El Elegant” Peñarubia, Tomás “Tortuga” Luján, and César Alonso, all vying to be the last fighter standing.

**3 vs 1**
Yes, you read that correctly. Manuel Morales, Karim El Hamzaouy, and Tomás Cantó will team up in an unprecedented 3-on-1 match against Eduardo Riego. Curiosity alone makes this a must-see.

**Bloody Contact Tournament**
And for the grand finale, a Bloody Contact Tournament will roll out with Sergio “The Monkey King” Hidalgo, Emilio “El ninja” Montesclaros, Otman “El lobo” Ben Zahra, and Dorian “El malandro” Segovia battling it out for glory.

With a lineup this diverse and action-packed, the Dogfight Wild Tournament 2nd is setting up to be more than just an event – it’s a showcase of heart, resilience, and the unyielding spirit of mixed martial arts. As fighters gear up and fans buckle in, one thing’s for sure – this is one tournament you won’t want to miss. So get ready for a collision of wills, where every punch, kick, and grapple tells a story of triumph and determination. The countdown is on, and the MMA world holds its breath in anticipation. Let the battles commence!

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