Joining Pirate King’s crew: a rare offer for one One Piece character


Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, reserved a privilege for a single member of the Straw Hats that is worthy of very few. This privilege is to be a part of the crew of Gol D. Roger, the first Pirate King, who found the legendary treasure.

In chapter 437 of the manga, Luffy invites Franky, the charismatic cyborg, to join the crew as their carpenter. Franky had a similar opportunity years ago when Kozuki Oden asked him to be Oro Jackson’s carpenter, but he rejected the proposal due to lack of trust in pirates.

Little did Franky know at that time that he would eventually find the location of One Piece and help Luffy on his journey. But if he had accepted the offer, would the journey have been as fun as it is so far?

It’s interesting to think about the different paths that could have been taken, but ultimately, everything has worked out for the best. This piece of One Piece lore adds depth to Franky’s character and showcases the impact of seemingly small decisions on the larger story.

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