John Boyega Stars in ‘The Book of Eli’ Prequel Series


John Boyega is stepping into some big shoes as he’s all set to tackle a role previously played by Denzel Washington. According to exclusive details from Deadline, Boyega will take the lead in the prequel to ‘The Book of Eli’. Not just content with acting, Boyega, who became a household name as Finn in the ‘Star Wars’ sequel trilogy, is also putting on the producer’s hat for this one, serving as executive producer of the upcoming series.

Now, let’s talk about the creative forces behind the scenes. Gary Whitta, the talented scribe who penned ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’, is ready to deliver his storytelling magic again as he leads the script department. Whitta is not only handling scripting duties but also stepping into the role of showrunner, coupled with executive producing responsibilities. The dynamic is setting up to shine, particularly if the directorial duo Albert and Allen Hughes come on board, continuing the vison they brought in the original film.

Alcon Entertainment, the production company behind the film, is eager to translate the cinematic saga into a television success. They’re on the lookout to partner with a premium buyer, a move that’s poised to send ripples through Hollywood especially on the heels of industry strikes coming to an end.

Curious about where this prequel will take us? While we don’t have all the details just yet, Deadline let slip that the action is expected to unfold some 30 years prior to the events depicted in the movie. That means we’re likely stepping into a timeline teetering on the brink of a nuclear bomb explosion or just reeling from its after-effects.

‘The Book of Eli’ painted a grim look at what a post-apocalyptic future might hold, three decades following a nuclear disaster that nearly wiped humanity off the map. A handful of survivors eke out an existence in a world now defined by its overarching violence and the terrifying rise of cannibalism. In this desolate setting, water isn’t just life – it’s power, with control over it determining who rises and who falls. In the midst of the chaos, we followed Denzel Washington’s character, a solitary man on a Westward trek, vitally protecting a book stowed away in his backpack – a book that holds secrets, perhaps even the hope of rebuilding what was lost.

As for Boyega’s connection to ‘Star Wars’, things are a bit hazy. There’s no official word on his return to the star-studded universe. Meanwhile, whispers from Lucasfilm suggest they are busy charting the journey for Rey Skywalker, intending to explore the birth of a new Jedi Order in future films. This narrative is set to take place years after ‘The Rise of Skywalker’. Although Daisy Ridley is expected to reprise her role as Rey, the project remains in the early stages without a finalized script, and thus, hasn’t moved into production just yet. Interestingly, Ridley’s salary for the role has recently made headlines – proving that the force is strong, not just on-screen but also in the negotiation room.

With all this said, stay tuned for more on John Boyega and his ambitious venture into the tough, gritty universe of ‘The Book of Eli’ prequel and the continuing legacy of ‘Star Wars’.

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