Joaquin Phoenix Begins Filming Todd Haynes’ Mystery Movie This Summer


Movie with Joaquin Phoenix from Secretos de un escándalo director

The movie, which still does not have a title, is a “secret detective story” and its shooting will begin this summer.

After Secretos de un escándalo, Todd Haynes is already preparing for his next feature film as a director, a project of which not many details are known.

However, it has been revealed that Joaquin Phoenix (Napoleon, Joker, Beau is Afraid) will participate in the new film by the filmmaker as the protagonist.

As reported by Deadline, the actor will embark on the new project by Haynes this summer after recently premiering Napoleon in theaters, the new feature film by Ridley Scott that has sparked a lot of discussion (and not in a good way).

What do we know about Todd Haynes’ new project

Details about the new film from the director of Secretos de un escándalo have been scarce so far, since we do not even know its official title yet.

For the time being, what is known about its plot is that it is a secret detective story set in the 1930s and follows two men (one of them played by Joaquin Phoenix) who are lovers and leave California to head to Mexico.

The director himself indicated that the story of the film comes from a script developed with Joaquin Phoenix and Jon Raymond.

“We basically wrote with him as a story writer. Jon Raymond, Joaquin, and I share story credits,” Todd Haynes explains about the mysterious project.

“It is a love story between two men set in the 1930s that has explicit sexual content, or at least challenges you with the sexual relationship between these two men. One is a Native American character and the other is a corrupt police officer in Los Angeles. In the end, they have to flee Los Angeles and go to Mexico,” he adds.

Additional castings are currently taking place to complete the cast of Haynes’ new film, including recruiting the actor who will co-star in the plot alongside Joaquin Phoenix.

The filming of Todd Haynes’ new film with Joaquin Phoenix begins this summer, where we hope to learn more details about the mysterious project.

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