JJ Abrams Pays Homage to Original Star Wars in The Rise of Skywalker Finale


The ninth film in the saga completely closes the story started by George Lucas in 1977. Warning spoilers: The post openly discusses the events of the latest Star Wars trilogy.

After the end of the last trilogy of films Star Wars, it is clear that the adventures of Rey, Finn, Poe, and company have not met expectations. Disney failed to find the narrative key of the saga and the final installment, The Rise of Skywalker, ended up closing a disappointing journey.

JJ Abrams was in charge of directing the production that took many plot risks, especially in the last section of the film where the young Jedi has a confrontation against the resurrected Emperor. When it seems that the heroes are about to lose, the protagonist connects directly with the Jedi of the past while she observes the starry sky.

It is here we can hear Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, or Anakin Skywalker encourage Rey to keep fighting and win. This scene hides a perfect homage to Episode IV from 1977, as revealed by Patrich Tubach, the project’s special effects supervisor.

“It was very important to JJ [Abrams]. I wanted that moment to be reminiscent of the beginning of Star Wars, and I think that’s what made everything come together again. See those stars and see them exactly like that. It does twist, but what you end up with is the beginning of Episode IV.”

The twist Tubach refers to is the one Abrams used during The Rise of Skywalker so that the firmament rotated. As we see, the images are identical and that of A new hope corresponds to the moment in which the opening credits have already ended, but just before the shot descends to show the chase between the Alliance and the Empire. A tribute that went unnoticed by the vast majority, but that the director saw fit to include.

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