James Gunn Enlists John Murphy for Man of Steel Soundtrack


DC Studios is placing all its bets on James Gunn, and their first big test will come in 2025 with the release of Superman: Legacy, the cinematic rebirth of the Man of Steel in the new DC Extended Universe.

After revealing the main actors who will be part of the film, James Gunn has announced the arrival of an important member of the team: the composer. Through his Threads account, the American director confirmed that John Murphy will be responsible for composing the soundtrack for this highly anticipated film.

“I’m pleased to announce that my frequent collaborator John Murphy will be handling the score for Superman: Legacy. John was one of the first people I called when I finished the script many months ago, as he knew how important the score was to this production. John has been working tirelessly ever since, creating hours of music that we’ll play on set and in filming, use in editing, and ultimately record into one glorious symphony for all of you. Welcome to the DCU, John!” Gunn shared.

According to Gunn, Murphy was one of the first people to read the script for Superman: Legacy, and has been working hard to live up to the superhero to which he will provide music. Looking at his previous works, including Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3, Kick-Ass, and the iconic themes of 28 Days Later and Sunshine, it’s clear that Clark Kent is in good hands.

Superman: Legacy is set to hit theaters worldwide on July 11, 2025. So, fans can expect a thrilling and epic experience as the Man of Steel returns to the big screen.

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