James Cameron plans for Avatar 7 despite still on third film


The filmmaker is currently working on the next two installments, but he is already looking to the future of the saga.

That Avatar is James Cameron’s baby is something you should have known for a long time. Although the filmmaker is well known for movies such as Terminator, Titanic, or Aliens: El regreso, it is his science fiction saga set in Pandora that has consumed most of his time, and will continue to do so.

Proof of this is that the Avatar franchise will have him entangled until 2031, a date that Disney has set for Avatar 5. At the moment, Avatar 3 is in post-production, although there are still some steps left on the set, and Avatar 4 is fully involved in principal photography, the movies that take up his time.

If Avatar 5 is, for now, the final film in the saga, James Cameron is not ruling out going further and releasing at least another couple of films, which would take us up to Avatar 7.

Although the delay between Avatar and its first sequel, Avatar: El sentido del agua, was 13 long years, the director himself emphasized that technological advances will help ensure that the wait between future films is not so long.

We could go as far as Avatar 7, but not necessarily with James Cameron at the helm

During the Saturn Awards, James Cameron stopped to talk with People, where he highlighted that he had ideas for two other movies set in the lush world of Pandora, something he already hinted at before Avatar: El sentido del agua was released in 2022.

“We have the scripts written up to the fifth film, and I have ideas for the sixth and seventh, although I will probably pass the baton by then. I mean, mortality is something that catches up with all of us. I am enjoying what we are doing, I love working with such great people.”

Avatar is a saga that James Cameron has built from scratch and has many possibilities to expand in the future, whether with the director at the helm or not. Cameron himself has compared it to franchises like Star Wars or Star Trek in that sense.

For now, we will be on the lookout for news about Avatar 3 and 4, which are the most imminent projects from which details will emerge in the coming months.

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