Isabela Merced’s Journey to Becoming Hawkgirl in DC


Isabela Merced is one of those actresses who has had the honor of participating in two of the most important superhero franchises of recent years. On the one hand there is her role as Anya Corazón in Marvel with Madame Web while on the other is her future role as Hawkgirl in DC with Superman: Legacy.

The American-Peruvian actress spoke about this through an interview with ComicBook, explaining that since she was not sure if she would be able to work for both studios, she decided to keep her role in Marvel a secret while auditioning for the film directed by James Gunn.

“I asked myself, ‘Is it possible to do both? I know there are people who have done it, but why would I be able to do it? So I didn’t tell them about Madame Web… They asked me, ‘Do you have Any previous training as a double?’ And I told them, ‘Yes, but I don’t remember where I did it. I was also in a harness, I don’t know where.'”

Merced also comments that her previous experience in Madame Web helped him a lot to be able to execute stunts and high-risk movements during the casting of Superman: Legacy. In the end, the movements of someone who has the powers of a spider are always more complex than normal ones.

Merced is not the only one who has made these types of changes from Marvel to DC. Without going further, David Harbour, who is also working on Stranger Things with Netflix, will play his role in Thunderbolts as Red Guardian while voicing Eric Frankestein, one of the big stars of Creature Commandos. Madame Web will hit theaters around the world on February 14, 2024.

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