Intense and Bloody: A Dream of Guillermo del Toro Directing Marvel Movies


A phrase from Avengers: Infinity War became very popular in its day, “The most ambitious crossover in history.” But what if we told you that “Torrente” joined the Marvel multiverse with the premiere of Blade 2 more than 15 years before the film where Thanos erases half of the living beings in the universe? This statement is obviously quite misleading. But it is true that Santiago Segura landed in the genre with a small role in this feature film.

The Spanish actor and film director was very popular in those years thanks to the box office success within our borders that turned out to be Torrente, the dumb arm of the law and Torrente 2: Mission in Marbella. Such was the phenomenon behind these action comedies that Hollywood even considered adapting them. Even the name of a legend like Oliver Stone was mentioned for the project. This idea never came to fruition, but it made clear the interest that the saga aroused.

Beyond this film saga, the truth is that During those years, Guillermo del Toro began to develop a very good relationship with Segura, to the point of having him play a vampire with excellent contacts in the European criminal underworld in Blade 2. The role was quite secondary, but it was the beginning of a series of appearances by the Spanish actor in different projects by the Mexican filmmaker such as Hellboy, Pacific Rim or The Strain. All of these “cameos” have a common point that can be seen as a spoiler.

The best film of the Wesley Snipes trilogy
Blade 2 is also the favorite film of the trilogy for its leading actor. Guillermo del Toro’s entry into the equation gave the character and the franchise a dimension with a lot of more own identity in which all the elements that a viewer could expect to find in a vampire and action film were very well treated, all with a fairly simple script, by friend David S. Goyer, which is current these days, but which worked perfectly. This is how Sergio Benítez spoke about Blade 2 in Espinof: “the best installment of the saga and one of the clearest examples of del Toro’s splendid handling of cinematographic narrative.”

“Half-man, half-vampire…and consumed by the desire to avenge the curse of his birth and save the human race from a blood-soaked Armageddon! Sword-wielding warrior Blade returns to fight the Reapers, a new race of super vampires hell bent on killing all the other vampires before wiping out the humans. Blade teams up with a team of high-powered vampires to defeat an evil greater than any of them have ever fought.” — Blade 2 Synopsis

Where to watch Blade 2 on television and platforms
If you are interested in watching the film you have a golden opportunity to do so today, February 10, starting at 10:30 p.m. on Be Mad, the channel dedicated to the continuous broadcast of Mediaset films. Blade 2, as well as the rest of the films in the franchise, It can be enjoyed today through HBO Max. Remember that Marvel Studios currently has a reboot of the character underway, while in video games we have Arkane (Dishonored) with Marvel’s Blade.

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