Increase productivity with Apple CEO’s perfect trick


Almost 50 years ago, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne came together to create the Apple brand. Several decades later, Apple has become the company with the largest market capitalization in the world. Tim Cook, Jobs’ successor, recently shared an important secret in an interview, emphasizing the perfect technique to maximize productivity.

According to Cook, the most crucial thing is to avoid trying to do everything. He believes that entering an impossible loop of tasks not meant for you ends up being unproductive. Cook cites examples to reinforce his thinking, suggesting that focusing on tasks that are specifically designed for you is the key to productivity.

He emphasizes the importance of choosing and giving up tasks, warning against accumulating tasks that are not meant for you. As an example, after becoming CEO, he focused on directing the company and delegated tasks like choosing materials, design, or weight to others, which positively impacted Apple’s growth.

It is clear that the philosophy shared by Cook has been successful for Apple. The interview and his insights into productivity offer valuable perspectives for individuals and companies alike.

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